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Yo dharti ko jun (The moon of the Earth)

Girl: On our way uphill, we shall sit on the bowlder
Tie me with love
If you want what I want, we will love each other
Tie me with love

Boy: This melodious tone invited me
The moon of earth invited me
The fair body, the active eyes
drove me out of control
How should I control? How should I?
Girl: Don't look like that, not like that!

Girl: You must talk with eyes, they say, you mustn't touch
Boy: In love, they say, there should be no barrier as such
Girl: People used to say, strangers aren't trustworhty
Boy: Now all those things of past have faded simply

Boy: I've been circled around your love
Girl: Like a creeper I am twisting with you
Boy: You bloomed in such a way, I'm lost inside your soul
Girl: Don't ever be like a honeybee in your life

Lyricist: Dr. Krishnahari Baral

Robin SharmaTranslated by: Darshan Baral

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