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Ek Phool, Anek Patra (Single Flower, Myriad Petals)

This song lyrics collection contains 90 songs, of which most have now been recorded. Based on subject matter, the songs can be classified as patriotic, romantic, tragic, pessimistic, optimistic, absurd, progressive, existentialistic and others about social issues. Although many meters have been used in the songs, it is dominated mostly by the use of syllabic meters. The use of image, symbol, wordplay and figurative language in the songs is excessive. Due to the use of simple expressions and meaningful emotions, the songs are easy to understand, but generally put across various meanings when considered at different layers.

Publisher: Sajha Prakashan, Lalitpur
Published: 1994 AD



Geetkar Krishnahari Baral; Srijana ra Samalochana (Lyricist Krishnahari Baral; Creation and Critique)

This special edition, edited by Netra Atom, is related to the lyrics of Dr. Krishnahari Baral and its criticism by many personalities. Basically, it is divided into two parts. The first part is song lyrics collection, which consists of 86 new songs in addition to the 90 songs of Ek Phool Anek Patra. Children songs, Feminist songs and songs about human rights are some new addition in this book. This collection is dominated by use of syllabic meter, too. The second part contains criticism of Baral's songs as well as his life history. The persons who have analyzed and studied Baral's songs in this book are Bindu Sharma, Bulu Mukarung, Devi Nepal, Devi Sharma, Dhundiraj Pahadi, Prof. Gopikrishna Sharma, Associate Prof. Keshav Subedi, Krishna Prasad Acharya, Krishna Prasad Ghimire, Jivlal Basyal, Lawanya Prasad Dhungana, Madhusudan Giri, Netra Atom, Sadhana Pratikchhya, Raghu Adhikari, Prof. Dr. Ramchandra Bhatta, Ramesh Prabhat, Shiva Prasad Bhattarai, Sushma Baral, Yadav Bhattarai.

Dhundi raj Pahadi Gopi krishna Sharma Krishnaprasad Acharya Krishnaprasad Ghimire Jiv lal Basyal, Lawanyaprasad Dhungana, Madhu sudan Giri Ram chandra Bhatta Shivaprasad BhattaraiPublisher: Tanneri Prakashan, Kathmandu
Published: 2002 AD