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Literary Criticisms


Bastuparak Samalochana (Objective Critique)

This is a collection of critic essays concerning Nepalese literature, specifically prose genre. This includes critical analysis of Dramas, Short Stories, Novels, and Essays. The book discusses Mythology & Literature, Feminist Criticism and Role of folk tales in Nepalese Modern Short Stories as a part of Theoritical Criticism.

Publisher: Student's Publication, Kirtipur
Published: 2004 AD



Geet Sidhdhanta Ra Itihas (Theory and History of Lyrics)

This book by Dr. Krishnahari Baral is the only book in Nepali about Song Criticism. It is divided into two main parts. The first part is about the theory of lyrics and its definition. It also contains discussion of ‘Characteristics of lyrics’ which includes Subjectivity, Conciseness, Non-fiction, Uniqueness, and Individuality. Similarly, it contains discussion of ‘Elements of lyrics’ which includes Feelings, Emotional Expressions, Imaginations, Music, Images, Symbols, and Language. The second part of the book contains the history of Nepali songs and lyricists with picture (including children songs and movie songs), and the definition and history of the ghazal (a kind of lyrical poem). The lyrics of renowned lyricists like Motiram Bhatta, Bhimnidhi Tiwari, Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Madhav Ghimire, Kiran Kharel, Ramman Trishit, Ratna Shumsher Thapa, Haribhakta Katuwal, Kali Prasad Rijal, Krishnahari Baral, as well as many other Nepalese lyricists has been analysed in this book. It also contains the history of Sanskrit and English lyrics. This book is very helpful for those who wish to be a lyricist or a critique of song lyrics.

Moti ram Bhatta Bhim nidhi Tiwari Laxmiprasad Devkota Madhav Ghimire Kiran Kharel Ram man Trishit Hari bhakta Katuwal Kaliprasad RijalPublisher: Bidhyarthi Pustak Bhandar
Published: 2003 AD


  Kabi Bhupi: Bishleshan ra Mulyankan (Poet Bhupi: Analysis and Evaluation)

This book is about the poems of a popular Nepalese poet 'Bhupi Sherchan'. All the four poem collection of Bhupi Sherchan i.e. 'Naya Jhyaure', 'Nirjhar', 'Ghumne Mech Mathi Andho Manchhe', and 'Bhupi Sherchanka Kabita haru' have been analyzed on various grounds in this book. Bhupi has been described as 'critical realistic' poet in this book. There is abundant use of music, satire and personal symbol in Bhupi's poems, which has been explained in this book in detail. Bhupi has been recognized as the most popular 'prose poet' in Nepalese literature in this book.

Publisher: Dovan Publication (2000 AD)
Publisher: Bidhyarthi Pustak Bhandar (2002 AD)


  Sandristi (Critique Collection)

This is a collection book of many independent literary criticisms, but this deals more with the verse genre of literature. 'Language of poem', and 'Introduction of Songs' have been discussed in this book under the topic 'Theoritical Criticism'.

Publisher: Sajha Prakashan, Lalitpur
Published: 1998 AD



Upanyas Sidhdhanta ra Nepali Upanyas (Theory of Novel and Nepali Novels)

This book, co-written with Netra Atom, is the best book in Nepali that contains extensive and authentic explanation about theory of Novel. Plot, Character, Point of View, Theme, Setting, Image & Symbol, Tempo & Rhythm, and Language have been discussed under the 'Elements of Novel/Fiction'. The first part of this book defines and classifies novels, and discusses the characteristics, the elements, and the literary trends of modern novels. The theory of novel and its implementation in new as well as old novels is analyzed in this part. It also explains the relation of novel with other genres of literature. The second part is about the history of Nepali novels. The third part deals with the analysis of certain Nepali novels in regard of elements. The novels discussed in this book are "Shirishko phool (The Blue Mimosa)" by Parijat, "Narendra Dai (Brother Narendra)" by B. P. Koirala, "Bhok Ra Bhittaharu (Hunger and Walls)" by Daulat Bikram Bista, "Alikhit (Unwritten)" & "Upasanhar Arthaat Chautho Antya (Conclusion or the Fourth Ending)" by Dhruba Chandra Gautam, and "Dwandako Awasan (Demise of Conflict)" by Rajeshwor Devkota.

Publisher: Sajha Prakashan, Lalitpur
Published: 1999 AD


Ghazal: Sidhdanta Ra Parampara (Ghazal: Theory and Chronicle)

This book by Dr. Krishnahari Baral is about the theory, history and development of ghazal (a form of poem). It is mainly divided into two parts, the first being the 'theory of ghazal'. This section contains the explanations about the Structural Properties (Kafia, Radif, Takhallus, Matala, Makata, etc.), the Elements (Feelings, Subject matter, Imagination, Music, Rhymes, Recitation, etc.), the Symbols & Images, and the Language of ghazals and also its relationship with other genre of literature.

The second part is about the development of ghazal all over the world and its evolution in Nepali language. This part contains account of several legendary ghazal writers of different languages. It includes Rudaki, Sanai, Nizami, Attar, Rumi, Saadi, Iraqi, Hafiz and Jami under Persian poets. Similarly, among Hindi poets are Bharatendu Harishchandra, Suryakanta Tripathi 'Nirala', Shumsher Bahadur Singh, Kuwan Bechain, Chandrasen 'Birat', and Dushyanta Kumar. Information on Urdu poets, Sultan Mohammed Kuli Kutub Shah, Bali, Mir Taqi Mir, Khwaza Mir Dard, Ghalib, and Faiz Ahmad Faiz is also available in this section. This book recognises Motiram Bhatta as the first Nepali Ghazal writer. The book also contains information about more than 151 popular Nepali Ghazal writers. Some names among them are Balkrishna Sama, Lekhnath Poudyal, Lakshmi Prasad Devkota, Bahadursingh Baral, Durga Malla etc.

Publisher: Sajha Prakashan, Lalitpur
Published: 2008 AD